Prenatal facials are a specialty of mine.

I love doing spa services on the prenatal women.  I have been especially & formally educated on this modality of spa service.  I am proud to be an expert in prenatal facials and an expert in prenatal massage therapy as well.  

Many skincare and massage professions will do services on prenatal clients, but have they been educated specifically for the mommy to be?  

Certain things have to be taken into consideration when doing spa treatments on the mommy-to-be. Her comfort and safety is number one at Skin Suite, located in La Jolla, Ca.  It may mean more pillows and padding strategically positioned and placed.  Adjusting the steamer a little higher maybe.   Care and Knowledge  with aroma therapy and scents.  During pregnancy,  the senses are heightened and smells can sometimes bother her.  Some aroma therapy such as peppermint should not be added to the massage portion of the treatment. Some aroma therapy is toxic to the mom and baby.  

I offer organic Jojoba instead of massage oils. 

 A knowledge of skincare ingredients is necessary.  Products containing aspirin should be avoided.  Also be aware of any allergies that she has.  At Skin Suite I use only Epicuren Skincare Products for my facial treatments and also for retail.  Using one product line only, is the best for really getting to know it.   Some estheticians mix and match product lines.  This I feel is dangerous.   I also keep a big fluffy robe and slippers handy in case a quick trip to the ladies room is needed.  

Each new client that visits Skin Suite is required to fill out an intake form.  Client is required mention allergies, and health information.  Full disclosure is key in getting the safest prenatal facial, massage and spa treatments.   Book with Jamie Ford.  Your treatment awaits!

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