Relaxation massage- AKA Parasympathetic Massage

January 19, 2016


Deep-Tissue Massage is overated!  Relaxation massage is probably the most important and beneficial massage modality that one can recieve.  The technique is used to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.  It is Believed that much of the body's di-ease is because of prolonged stress.  Relaxation massage is a general, full body, non-painful, pleasurable massage with moderate pressure and moderate drag on the tissue.  A  one hour session.  This technique is to quiet the parasympathetic nervous system.   For restoration, healing, and returning the body to a more balanced state, as well as relaxation of muscles and the mind.  


Many clients think that Relaxation Massage is just fluff.  I will tell you, though, It takes great skill to perform this type of massage therapy.  The best version of this session is slow, deleberate strokes.  I can get it to a perfect outcome where the client goes into parasympathetic or R.E.M. sleep.  I must close my eyes and move my strokes opposite the other....trying to put the lightest pressure.  Almost moving in slow motion.  It is so amazing how well this works.  Seems like within minutes the client's breathing slows way down and they go into that first stage of sleep.  They do not even realize this. Everything slows down for the client.  The body can then do what it needs to do.  It begins to heal.  The body get some much needed rest.  The brain slows down.  Thoughts deminish.  It is blissful.  Clients are amazed at the healing, restful massage.


Next time you book a massage, consider booking a Parasympathetic- Relaxation Massage with  Jamie Ford.  To learn more or book online visit

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