Ideas on how to prevent skin cancer

Here is a list of my tips for preventing skin cancer.

1. Apply Sunscreen- Choose Broadspectrum.

2. Wear a hat.

3.  Stay in the shade.

4. Wear protective clothing.

5. Wear sunglasses

6. Do not use tanning beds.

7. Visit Derm Doctor- have moles and freckles checked.

8. Notice that some medications will make for more sun sensitive skin.

9. Be especially diligent about applying and reapplying sunscreen following skin peels. 

10.  Sunscreen needs to be reapplied every 2 hours, when outside, to be effective.

11.  Consider having your car windows tinted. 


My Recommendation for a great broadspectrum sunscreen is Epicuren's Zinc Oxide Perfecting Sunscreen SPF 27.










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