Hot Stone Massage- Causing 3rd degree burns. Too Hot To Handle?

February 28, 2016


Hot Stone Massage is a specialty of Skin Suite.  Jamie Ford has been trained in Hot Stone Massage Therapy.  Most peoples bodies respond very will to heat.  Clients tend to be skeptic if they have never tried it.  They are so suprised & pleased at the deeper level of relaxation that they are able to achieve with the hot stones, compared with massage without them.  One client said that they felt as if they were able to really let themselves sink into the massage table deeper & faster.  After the stones are heated up, I take them out of the water with my hands, not tongs.  If the stones are too hot for me to touch, they will not be put on the client.  I start off with a light tap with the stone to the clients upper back.  I then check in with the client to make sure that they dont feel the stones are uncomfortably hot... When the client lets me know that they are fine with the heat of the stones, I proceed.  I move the stones around nice & slow.. I can also get the stone pressed into some of the knots.  The warm stones help so much to release them.  Hot stone massage is a regular massage incorporated with the stones.    

I have been trained in hot stone massage therapy.  I am additionally insured for this modality.  

Try it, You will love it!

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