Our cells need gravity to stimulate growth.  There is a significant health risk for astronauts in spaceflight.  Even minor injuries that occur in space have been documented not to heal until landing on Earth.  NASA used LED for wound healing.  


By the way, aboard the International Space Station, NASA grew its first Zinnia flower, using LED Lights!  


Cells have the ability to absorb light and use it as a source of energy, and healing response.   LED penetrates the skin at various depths.  It energizes the cells, producing collagen, improving elasticity and increasing blood circulation, oxygen flow.  Stimulates a response toward anti-aging, normalizing cell imbalance, improving skin tone and clarity.


Skin Suite uses a new LED Light panel...covers more surface area than a small wand.  Try it with a Massage or Facial treatment.  Available as an add on or as a stand alone 30 minute treatment.  Not only does it help with pain management, but also anti-aging and also works wonders on acne breakouts.  


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