I love the High Frequency Facial Unit.  It reminds me of a Light Saber.  A Light Saber is a fictional energy sword from Star Wars.  It projects a brightly lit energy blade, the signature weapon of the Jedi order.  

I use the high frequency facial unit in my facial treatments.  The apparatus holds a variety of different shaped glass wands.  The wands are electrodes that hold blue or red argon gas.   They hold enriched oxygen molecules that cause anti bacterial & natural thermal warming.  This causing natural contractions of the blood vessels in the tiny muscle groups which push away toxins.  Cells in the skin are enriched with nutrients & hydrating volume.  This increases the blood circulation & cell renewal that aids in support of increased collagen production and elastin.  The skin will feel instantly energized, rosy, firm refreshed from just 1 treatment.  Proven to be effective on skin lesions, acne, burns, wax procedures, cold sores. Helps to heal skin quickly.  Safe and gentle.   Promotes lymphatic drainage.  rids of the puffiness of indulgence of ice cream or gluten the night before.  tones the facial muscles.  

 For facials, the mushroom wand is the most popular.  The wand  is gas filled.

The gas is blue or red.  The red is beneficial for acne.  The blue gas is is for all skin types.  Anti aging, fine lines, scars, acne.   It is placed  on clean, dry skin.  I cover the face with a very thin piece of gauze.  The gauze helps the glass wand to slide with ease all over the face.  The space between the gauze and the face, helps facilitate a sparking space.   This sparking is the magic.   Electro- therapy,  it oxygenates the skin tissues, anti bacterial, smooths fine lines, shrinks pores, helps speed up the healing of acne and breakouts.  It is a relaxing, non invasive treatment that clients love. 

I tell the clients that i buzzes loudly but to just relax, because it doesn't hurt.  They  tell me that there is something so unusually relaxing about it.  I love doing this treatment.  Incorporating the high-frequency unit in to my facials treatments.   

The inventor of this type of high-frequency current is Nikola Tesla.  Yes, the Tesla cars are named from him.  In fact in the beauty schools back in the 1980's, this used to be called the Tesla unit. 

He was Serbian,  born in Croatia, back in the 1800's. He was a genius that invented hundreds of things having to do with electric currents.  He came to the U.S.A with only 4 cents in his pocket.  Edison asked him to work on an electrical project for him.  He said if he could find a way to make it work that he would pay him 1 million dollars.  He did it!  When Tesla went to collect, Edison laughed at him and said,n " You don't understand American humor!"  I find the story of Nikola Tesla so fascinating.  There are some very good video documentaries on Youtube. I highly recommend that you learn more about this genius.  

Contraindications are pregnancy, metal implants, cancer, pacemakers.  

Try this with your choice of Skin Suite Facial Treatment, today!

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