Heat is a relaxer.  It relaxes the body & it's muscle tissue.  This is very beneficial for most massage clients.  Heat helps loosen up tense & tight muscles.  I can feel the client go from super stressed & upset over things, suddenly melt and drop down a little more into the massage table.  I usually add a few warm stones to each of my massage treatments.  I take them out of the heating element with my bare hands.  If they are too hot for me to handle,  they will burn the client.  Everyone has a different tolerance to heat.  I make sure the client is fine with the temp, before setting the stone fully on them.  I first apply my massage oil to the skin, then I place a flat stone in each of my palms and gently glide them back and forth and around.  It soothes and relaxes the brain the way I do this.  Lots of clients have circulation issues where their feet and hands feel so cold most of the time.  This treatment can be so great for warming up these areas.   Many people cannot truly relax unless they are warm all over.  Older women that experience hot flashes and are heat sensitive are very reluctant to try Hot Stone Massage,  but if they do try a sample of what the stones are like, they usually have to have the stones with every massage there after.  In the middle of the hottest summer, when most are ready for fall and winter, I still bring out the hot stones.  I check in to see what the client thinks about them and  if they want more- the answer is yes.

Try it, you'll love it.

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Jamie Ford, dual licensed in massage therapy & skincare. 

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