Celluma- LED Light Therapy. Personal experience.

January 24, 2017



At the end of Dec. 2016, I decided to make a significant purchase for my business.  A low-level light therapy device.  It is used for treating pain, inflammation, acne and wrinkles.  Since I am dual-licensed in both skincare and massage therapy, I thought it would be a great device to have.  I purchased the

Celluma Pro model.   I personally am a skeptic when it comes to trade toys, products, etc....as new items always come and go.  I have to really believe in a product to be able to sell it into a clients treatment, otherwise I just can't do it.


I have kept the Celluma Pro unit at home to try it for myself.  I have been using it for 2 weeks now.  I turn it on before sleeping.  It has such a relaxing affect that I end up sleeping before the 30 minute automatic shut off.  I am using it on the wrinkles mode.  Results on me for fine lines and wrinkles are pretty subtle,  but when I met up with my sister for  lunch last week, she did a stop and stare.  She never really comments on anything unless I ask.  She said,"Wow, your skin looks amazing!" I was shocked, It must be working, I thought to myself. 


The other evening I felt a sharp pain in my hip flexor area.  It hurt so much that It took forever to get to sleep.  I was awakened a little later with the intense pain.  I put that light panel on the painful area on the pain mode setting for the 30 minutes.   The pain subsided, I fell asleep and the pain never returned.  

I am enthusiastic about my Celluma Pro.  I have experienced it for myself with great results.  I now offer this to my clients as an additional upgrade to any facial or massage,  and also as a stand alone treatment.    


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